One boneless skinless duckling breast has 40% less fat than its chicken counterpart.
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Cranberry Maple Duck Breakfast Sausage
Duck Recipe du Jour
Breakfast will never be the same once you replace your old sausage links with Culver's Cranberry Walnut Sausage...
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Culver Duck Farms Inc: Pride in Poultry
Fall 2008

Culver Duck raises and processes approximately 3.5 million ducks annually. Products include duck breasts and cooked duck halves in five flavors, as well as a variety of duck...
Did You Know?
Duck consumption is on the rise...Up some 28% in the past five years, the trend continues. Why? Most likely there are several factors that have come into play. First, the fat content of duckling has been determined by the USDA to be 1/2 that of chicken. That in itself might be enough; but, it's also been proven that duck is not nearly as difficult to cook as some used to think. In fact, it's downright easy!
Culver Duck Renewable Energy Digester!
After five generations of Duck breeding and growing experience beginning on Long Island in 1858, Culver Duck relocated to the heart of Indiana Amish Country. Here the care of ducklings is usually a family affair on surrounding Amish farms. We're now in our sixth generation; and, our family has become a major supplier of gourmet quality duckling to fine restaurants and specialty stores worldwide.