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Award Winning Duck

Culver Duck has been in the news alot. Whether we're winning a trophy at the Fancy Food Show; or, introducing a new product to make eating well with Duck easier for you...Seems we're often making headlines. To date, we'ver brought home five (5) trophies from the Fancy Food Show as well as numerous First Place awards from our barbecue days. Please feel free to contact us about any of the stories you find here if you would like more information.
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Culver Duck Halves Win NASFT Silver!
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October 2007

Culver Duck won the Silver Award in the "Outstanding Food Service Product" category with fully cooked Bistro flavored Smoked Duck Halves at the Summer NASFT Fancy Food Show in New York City in July. The competition began May 2007 when Culver Duck Farms was one of over 1,600 companies entering more than 3200 products in hopes of winning the specialty food industry's most prestigious honor.

Of the nearly 100,000 specialty food products on display, Culver Duck was judged a winner. Burt, Culver, the company's spokesperson commented, "After having won five silvers and a gold, we were really anxious to see what the judges thought of our smoked duck halves. Our product line is continuing to expand and includes ALL NATURAL DUCK BREAST FILLETS, five flavors of ALL NATURAL SMOKED DUCK SAUSAGE and a great tasting MAPLE DUCK STICK."

The Duckling Council has reported that duck consumption continues to increase confirming the Culver Duck motto: "Meat the Future".