2014 Culver Duck Farm
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Culver Duck in the News

Culver Duck has been in the news alot. Whether we're winning a trophy at the Fancy Food Show; or, introducing a new product to make eating well with Duck easier for you...Seems we're often making headlines. To date, we'ver brought home five (5) trophies from the Fancy Food Show as well as numerous First Place awards from our barbecue days. Please feel free to contact us about any of the stories you find here if you would like more information.
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Not the sharpest knife in the drawer...
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Culver Duck Wins Silver!
Sept. 1st, 2006

Once again, Culver Duck Farms has come home validated from the Fancy Food Show carrying a silver trophy for Outstanding Food Service for their Marinated Cajun Duck Breast, or was that Sausage?

The knowledge that this could have been another gold brings a skewed smile to Burt Culver's face. "Just goes to show you," he says, "We may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer...But, we know how to grow duck!"

When the Marinated Cajun Duck Breast was nominated for the finals, Culver was asked to send enough samples to feed 300 culinary afficionados. The request was made internally; and, the order shipped. It was only later when following-up that Burt was told: "Breast? We thought you said sausage..."

And, so, another Silver sits where a Gold very well could have, joining the other four stately chefs proudly proclaiming "Culver is synonymous with Duck!"

Our photos show the award winning Culver Duck Breast and the Cajun Marinated Duck Breast as prepared by Chef Kip Peters of Center Plate; as well as the infamous Culver Cajun Duck Sausage and the Cajun Jambalaya prepared especially for Culver Duck by Chef Kip. You can find both recipes in our Recipe Section and you will find all of our Marinated Duck Breast Fillets and Culver Sausages (both with and without casing) in our Online Shop.