The extensive history of Culver Duck dates back many years to the Long Island area of up-state New York. In 2015, Culver Duck Farm, Inc. was sold by the Culver Family to a very reputable individual that is involved in the Duck Industry of North America. Prior to the sale of the business, the Culver Duck operation was a family business, spanning five generations. During that time, and henceforth after the sale, the traditions of Culver Duck have been ongoing and improved to where it is today. From the humble beginnings of a family owned and operated company to what it is today, Culver Duck is, and has always been, one of cleanest and best tasting ducks money can buy. If you remember any of the history of Culver Duck . . . . . you will be amazed with the NEW Culver Duck and why we say “Meat the Future”TM. With the support and commitment of its other affiliated duck companies, Culver has the advancements in technology and genetics needed to be one of the major duck suppliers in the United States and abroad.


1858 Warren J Hallock begins raising Long Island White Pekin Ducks on Atlantic Farm in Speonk, Long Island NY.


1891 AJ Hallock joins his father in what was renamed WW Hallock & Son.


By 1920 It was the largest Commercial Duck Farm in the World.


The Great Hurricane of ‘38 destroyed the farm and much of Long Island, leading to the entry in 1944 of 4th Generation Herbert Reeve Culver II when he buys the failing C & R Duck Farm.


1959 Herb Culver Jr. and Howard Phillips had built the largest duck hatchery in the world, turning out 3,000,000 ducklings a year.


In 1960 Herbert Culver Jr & Family moved to Indiana and the 5th Generation helps Culver Duck become the 2nd Largest Duck Producer in the US, adding the USDA processing plant in 1978 in Middlebury, IN.


In 1990 Culver Duck began International Sales and went on the road with their BBQ to win 1st Place at the North Carolina and Tennessee State Championships and many other National BBQ contests.


2000 was a great year as Culver Duck earned Bell & Evans business; incorporated a third-party audit verifications from Michigan State University School of Veterinary Medicine as well as Winning the First of 8 NASFT Trophies.


From 2001 to 2008 Culver Duck went on to win 6 more Silvers and a Gold in as many categories from the New York Fancy Food show.


2013 Culver goes green. Begins Improving old plants and begins construction on a new hi-tech, energy saving green power plant with the goal of being self-sustaining and energy effecient.


In 2015, Dr. Joe Jurgielewicz purchased Culver Duck. Dr Joe owns a similar operation in Pennsylvania and both companies raise 9 million ducks annually.