American Humane is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and well-being of animals. For more than a hundred years American Humane has been first in promoting the welfare and safety of animals and strengthening the bond between animals and people. American Humane sets the gold standard as the most visionary and effective animal welfare organization in the nation.

American Humane created the first welfare certification program in the United States to help ensure the humane treatment of farm animals. The American Humane Certified™ program provides third-party, independent audits to help verify that certified producers’ care and handling of farm animals meet the science-based animal welfare standards of American Humane Association.

BRC – The British Retail Consortium is the leading trade association for UK retailing and was first introduced in 1998.  Today, it’s now recognized as the global standard for food safety with over 17,000 BRC certified sites worldwide.  This strict auditing process requires documented approval to ensure food quality and safety to the highest levels.

Indiana Grown – Indiana Grown has more than 1100 members and 50+ business partners which include farmers, farmers markets, distributors, producers, processors, wineries, breweries, artisans, as well as retailers, grocers, hospitals and restaurants.